Mamo (Worama Umpaiarat) is an illustrator, fashion and lifestyle blogger who loves to shop, draw, and take inspirations from  stylish people. She loves coffee, bagels, and good shoes.

Her Clients include Comme des Garcons (Club21 Thailand), DTAC, Shiseido, BENEFIT Cosmetics, Watson’s Thailand, Central Department Store, Robinson Department Store Thailand, CPN, Samsung.

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Hi ka K MoMo,

I watched your review on DW watch, very helpful review ka. I was wondering if you can share where you bought the watch ka. I have been trying to find the one like you for quite some time but the lowest price I could find is 4690 thb. I heard in the vid that you bought it at 3xxx thb. Appreciate if you can guide me the spot na ka 🙂

Thank you ka

Hi Ham,
I think it’s because exchange rate has changed ka, so the price on the web is increased.
Hope this helps.